My Wild Tracks

Is the latest from Animal Tracks by Steve. That’s Steve over there extracting a Caribou track cast from mud on the Toklat River in Alaska. 


Some time ago we might add.


And that’s because he’s been doing this since 1981. This being collecting plaster casts of every track he finds, more or less.

Technically less, but try and tell that to his friends who have helped him move over the years. Practically, it has meant curating an ever growing assemblage of animal track casts from penguins to polar bears, to newts, jaguars, ravens, and river ripples.

Each track cast is unique, a great teaching tool, and heavy.

There had to be more ways to share them than just carting them around to workshops.

And there was. Life-size stencils for over fifty North American birds and mammals and a few Antarctic birds were developed and marketed.

The Animal Tracks Literacy Project was developed for the 4th grade and up classroom teacher, as a stand alone lesson plan in how to identify a track.

Then came ceramic and cold cast bronze TrackTiles. Stay tuned here for the latest.

Animal Track Stencil™ Kits


Animal Track Stencils™

Make tracks to understand your favorite animals better!
Learn the language of animal movement with Animal Track Stencils™


Animal Track Stencils™ stimulate curiosity, creativity, and a better understanding of the animals with whom we share the planet. Families, educators and (most important of all) kids of all ages love Animal Track Stencils™. You will too!


Designed to educate and entertain to the fullest, every value-packed Animal Track Stencil Kit includes:

  • DurableAction Stencils with directions, a clear description of the animal’s activity, and its species classification
  • Single foot, life size stencils of the animal you have chosen
  • A comprehensive Natural History information sheet for the animal, and
  • Track pattern diagrams that show how – and why – an animal moves the way it does.

Using Animal Track Stencils™ in the classroom appeals to tactile, visual and kinesthetic learners alike. The shapes and details of the tracks become a part of you as you draw the tracks and act out the patterns.

Animal Track Stencils

Life-size Action Stencils based on tracks found in the wild. 


Directions guide you to accurately draw common track patterns on any surface. Made from durable Mylar. Washable.

Animal Tracks Literacy Project

A complete lesson plan in how to identify animal tracks. Up to 32 students. 4th Grade and above. 

Create Animal Track Stories Anywhere

Animal Track Stencils can be used with almost any medium from colored pencils to paint.


A comprehensive lesson plan for teaching 

how to identify animal tracks.


“Dear Steve:  My recent trip to Alaska on the M.V. Sea Lion was magical.  A highlight of the trip was the presentation you gave on animal tracks.  You took us through the analysis of tracks with a fun, hands-on, practical approach.  I love the dichotomous key you designed.  The key makes it possible for a total novice to identify animal tracks.”

Karen Martin, West Palm Beach, Florida