My wild tracks

Every track has a story


Where ever an animal steps. Given the right conditions of soil, weather, and wildlife, exceptionally clear tracks are sometimes found.

Ones so perfect that it is easy to picture the animal’s foot filling the negative space of the track. Now, imagine plaster of Paris as the ‘camera’ that brings this picture to life. 


The plaster fills the track, impressing itself upon every surface before hardening. The details of the foot-ground interaction  that happened here – the track – are now preserved in the cast.

When pressed into clay, the plaster cast transfers this three dimensional image to the clay. The clay can then be stained, glazed, and fired to produce something of utility and beauty.


A TrackTile, in other words. A story for your wall. A key chain fob. A key tracker, so you never lose those again. A pendant. A candle holder. A coaster. A tiny piece of wilderness for your home.

Kelp Bay Grizzly

The Story of the Kelp Bay Grizzly Track

While exploring Kelp Bay, the right conditions (except for the rising tide) came together and we found an exceptionally clear Grizzly Bear track.
Filling the frame with plaster of Paris at the same time as the rising tide fills it with seawater. The curing process for plaster of Paris is a chemical reaction unimpeded by the seawater. My concern is going to be finding it again in an hour or two, as the tide continues to flood the bay.
The track cast, retrieved two hours later beneath four feet of very cold water. Careful notation of landmarks allowed us to position our boat above the cast before I stripped down and dove in to retrieve it.

More TrackTile Stories

Shape Shifter

North American River Otter front and hind prints on top of human footprint. Sandy River, Oregon.

Wild Turkey KeyTracker

It’s a fact! A Wild Turkey has never lost its keys. And neither will you ever again with a Wild Turkey KeyTracker on your wall.

Cross Ranch, North Dakota.

Bald Eagle

Track collected Southeast Alaska at the mouth of a salmon stream.

Coyote Coaster

Hand carved coyote track.


Wilson’s Snipe and North American Mink. Jackson Bottom Wetlands and Sandy River, OR. Can also be used as key fobs.

Badger Coaster

Hand carved front left foot of North American Badger. 


Original track, Brothers, OR.

Common Raven

Isla Espiritu Santos. 


Baja California Sur, Mexico

African Lion

Cast collected by Nicole Apelian.